Rooyesh Golsang Asia Co. has started its activities in the field of agriculture since 2008, and after undergoing some changes, it was registered as one of Sayal Samen HLDG’s spin-off companies in 2015.
Golsang products can be devided in two main fields:
1.  Internal Green Space (IGS): including terrarium, paludarium and etc.
2.  Green House: including study, engineering, procurement and construction services
Furthermore, a Golsang Green House is a “Whole Product”, including hydroponics system (Grow Bag and NFT), building, consuming materials and even consulting and after sale services.

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Central Office: No 15, Jahed 1 St, Misaq 2 St, Misaq Highway, Mashhad, Iran
Phone No: +985135130510
Fax No: +985135130566
Tehran office: Unit 3, No 20, Vozara 29 St, Argentina Sq, Tehran, Iran