•  Accredited contractor qualification certificate for new methods of irrigation (Agriculture Jahad Organization)
•  Membershipin Management Contracting Syndicate Association of Pressurized Irrigation Companies in Khorasan Razavi province
•  Employing a proficient experienced executive team
•  Employing a skilled surveying team
Areas of activities:
•  Implementing pressurized and low pressure
•  irrigation systems
•  Implementing foundations and pool construction
•  Digital map creation and implementation of various types of soil operations
•  Implementing Hydrology projects
•  Green space projects
Number of completed projects: 7 Projects
Number of ongoing projects: 12 projects

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Phone No: +985135130510
Fax No: +985135130566
Tehran office: Unit 3, No 20, Vozara 29 St, Argentina Sq, Tehran, Iran