Sayal Samen Co research department was launched in 2008 while was accredited a grade for feasibility study from Association of Banking and Credit Investment Consultants (ABCIC) and since 2016, the department pursued its activities as Rooyesh Karafarini Aran International Co. in four categories as follows:
1.  Business studies, including Opportunity studies (OS), Feasibility Studies (FS), Marketing Plan (MP), Business Model (BM), Business Plan (BP), and Exit Plan (EP)
Sayal Samen HLDG. holds the highest grade in feasibility study in east of Iran (B-2), accredited by ABCIC
2.  Futuring and technology foresight studies
3.  Finance and Facilitation
4.  Sales engineering of commercial and residential complexes
Number of completed projects: 42 Projects
Number of ongoing projects: 5 projects

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